Wednesday, October 20, 2010

New Haven Wrap Up

I got the "knack" of this blackfishing down - here's my 11-pounder!

I can get used to this Connecticut fishing! Blackfish are all over this place, as we limited out very quickly by mid-morning (we didn't start until 9:30 a.m.). Not only did I get in the "groove" with what it takes to catch these fish, I scored an 11-pound blackfish. According to Tom Migdalski, my fishing partner for this trip, this was the biggest blackfish he has seen in his fishing efforts in two years. This fish nearly rocked me up twice, and even when I had it ten feet or so off the rocks, it still made several strong runs. I'd equate this fight to hooking and catching a 10 pound mutton snapper on 12-pound test line, but with the grouper tendencies of trying to run you straight into the rocks. I keep saying this, but gunning for blackfish is precision fishing. You need to precisely anchor right on a piece of prominent structure, and drop your bait into any holes or drops on that reef. Then, after acquiring the knack of hooking these fish, you have to get them out of the rocks. I'll tip my white visor to these fish, as I underestimated them. Plus, once you have them for dinner - WOW! What a fun and challenging fish. If Connecticut would guarantee me weather and fishing like we had the past two days, I would move here. But they can't!!! So, I'm going back home to hurricane country!

Our fishing here is done. My boat is on the trailer, and ready to go back to South Florida. We'll do our "on land" TV stuff tomorrow and enjoy the area, then fly home early Friday morning.

I can't say enough good things about the fishing folks in Connecticut or their fishing! I thoroughly enjoyed them both!

Big blackfish bite off New Haven, CT, with blackfish as heavy as 11-pounds!

RELIEF! - My 11-pound blackfish in net after a determined fight to hole me up in the rocks off New Haven, Connecticut!

The Shallow-Water MARC goes back on the Float-On trailer for its tow back to South Florida.

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