Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Me and my first blackfish!

Could not have asked for a nicer day, with calm winds and a high of around 57 degrees. The blackfish bite was awesome, with lots of action. Very similar to our grouper fishing off South Florida and the Bahamas, but on a smaller scale. Scored my first blackfish, and must admit I was impressed with the head of steam they get and effort they put forth to rock you up! A couple did just that! Very strong fish. When the tide picked up, we went jigging for bluefish, and caught a bunch of them Big bluefish of the day went to Tom, with a 16-pounder. Lots of action on the bottom and jigging.

Perfect cap for the day was back at Indian Neck Yacht Club, where Bill Manzi cooked up our blackfish. I have to admit that after eating blackfish for the first time, I now understand completely why this fish is held in such high regard among Mid-Atlantic and Northeast anglers! As ugly as it might be, it fights like heck and its firm, white meat is out of this world! Without a doubt, it will top the fish sandwich at McDonalds!

Tomorrow, more super weather. We'll be back on the blackfish and then jigging up more bluefish.
Have to hand it to CT anglers - when the fish are in the Sound, you keep mighty busy catching them What a treat.

Tom Migdalski with one of several blackfish caught off New Haven, CT.

Impressive blackfish bite off New Haven!

Bill Manzi at the Indian Neck Yacht Club cooking up freshly caught blackfish!

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Brent said...

Your 'first' blackfish? I presumed you have caught every speicies in the ocean... other than the spearfish, of course.
Congrats... looks like a fun trip! -brent

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