Sunday, October 17, 2010

New Haven, Connecticut

Today, I'm packing warm clothes, flutter-style jigs, swimming- and top-water lures, for my trip to New Haven, Connecticut, tomorrow (Monday). I'll be meeting up with my Shallow-Water MARC (a Mako 2201, which was trucked north for the TV shoot) and Tom Migdalski - a friend who is a long-time writer for Salt Water Sportsman and authority on fishing this section of Long Island Sound. He and I will fish Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, shooting an episode for my 2011 television season.

Our plan is to fish for blackfish (tautog), which are up there in full force right now. When the tide really kicks in and makes bottom fishing challenging, we'll then go after bluefish and striped bass on top water plugs and flutter-style jigs.

Blackfish is a hugely popular fish in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast, ugly as it may be! It's a member of the wrasse-family and its habits parallel that of our grouper: hangs around pronounced structure, pulls hard and requires stout tackle to "horse" them out of structure. Plus, they're excellent table fare.

I've yet to fish for or catch a blackfish, so I'm excited over the opportunity. And I've fished Long Island Sound when the blues and bass were solid, and know how much fun that can be.

I just need to survive the cold!

I'll send updates from CT.

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Jeff said...

Good luck George!
What is my favorite fish--the mahi of course!
Fish the Hudson Canyon when possible.

Just had a small blitz of juvenile stripers and a nice 8 lb bluefish on the south shore.
Want to know where--email me.

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