Saturday, December 18, 2010


The MARC VI was in the Coral Springs Holiday parade, lit up like a Christmas tree
and carrying a few elves. It was entered under “Garnett Storage” - the boat/RV facility
in Coral Springs that has been the home of the MARC VI for 16 years. Steve Garnett
had asked if I’d let him enter the MARC VI in the parade months ago, to showcase his
business, and I happily agreed.

A huge, special thank you goes to friend Carl Grassi, who – along with the assistance of
his two crew members Vladimir and Danny – spent five hours decorating my boat and
Steve’s vehicle the day prior to the parade. I’d like to say I was instrumental in helping
Carl and his gang decorate the boat, but I’ll admit I was in their way more than I was
an asset. I got the hint when Carl sent me on the road to find an inflatable Santa for the
boat, while they kept on decorating! Carl is the owner of Carl’s Sunoco on Sample Road
in Coral Springs. In addition to being a virtual mechanical genius (he does my auto and
most of my boat work) and a good saltwater angler (he owns a center console and a flats
skiff), he also sells non-Ethanol fuel. You guessed it; this is where I fuel up my boat and

As usual, Sample Road was jammed-pack with spectators, and it took nearly two hours
for all the entries to travel the parade route. We were assigned spot # 42, and there were
at least 20 some floats behind us. Did I mention it was bitter cold in that boat? Despite
the cold, it was an enjoyable night. Plus, there was no boat or tackle to wash afterwards!

Garnett Storage is a well-run storage yard that caters to RVs and boats. It is nestled
between the Coral Springs Police shooting range and the Coral Springs Fire Department
training facility. If that’s not enough heat to keep the place safe, Steve has two live-in
nighttime security people. It is about as safe a storage place as one can get. Rumor also
has it that Steve Garnett will start a fishing club, for all the boaters he has in his yard. I
hear tales about a commercial-grade ice machine coming to the property - where boaters
can load up on shaved ice, a boat wash-down station, fish-cleaning facility, and monthly
meetings. Look for all this to crank up sometime in the new year.

With a little help from Carl’s gang! Left to right – Danny, Carl,
me, and Vladimir. Carl owns Carl’s Sunoco on Sample Road in Coral Springs. He
decorated the MARC VI and the tow vehicle for the parade.

Nothing like dredges off the outriggers to light up the night!

Wonder how fast the Coast Guard would respond to a boat this lit
up well offshore at night?!

OK, I’ll give up my “hot spot” that night: It’s on the Lowrance
screen for all to see!

In case you couldn’t figure it out on the map, or see the GPS
numbers, here you go!

The Garnett Elves!

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